Good Old Boat Magazine, in an effort to increase circulation, has made the following offer to members.

"Would your group like to offer subscriptions to Good Old Boat (at our normal rate of $39.95) of which your association gets $5? We're trying to increase our number of subscribers (there are still sailors out there who haven't heard of Good Old Boat!).

We thought that some of the associations, such as yours, might find that this fundraiser helps them while it helps us also. Some of the groups which have taken up our offer while we were still testing the idea will be using the extra income to support the costs of their websites or newsletters.

The offer is that for every new subscriber (someone who isn't already a current or past subscriber with us) who comes to us through your association, $5 goes directly to the association. The offer would be good through July 4th, 2006 since it takes a while to get the word out. Would your group be interested?"


How To Take Advantage of This Offer

If subscribing by mail...

  1. Write a check for $39.95 made out to "Good Old Boat."
  2. On the memo field of the check, write "Group ID 1368 - Pearson Vanguard".
  3. Send the check and subscription information to:
    Good Old Boat Magazine
    7340 Niagara Lane North
    Maple Grove, MN 55311-2655

If subscribing by phone or e-mail...

  1. Call 763-420-8923
    Surf to:
  2. Be sure to mention (ID #1368) to the person on the phone or in your e-mail to the magazine.

In either case...

No matter how you decide to subscribe, please be sure to say "Thank you!" to the folks at GOB for making this offer available to our group.


Disclosures & Disclaimers

Funds obtained from this offer will be used to offset costs associated with running the  web site. is not affilliated with Good Old Boat magazine in any way, except through the following:

The offer made above was unsolicited and was forwarded by Good Old Boat at their own initiative. While the owner and operator of this web site believes the publication to be of high quality and appropriate to this web site's audience, cannot be held liable by statements made in the publication, nor is the User Group in any position to guarantee services offered by the magazine and its business office. Participation in this offer from GOB is strictly voluntary.

By the same token, GOB cannot be held liable for statements and actions made by this User Group. We are simply organizations that have a common interest in boating and are looking for friendly ways in which we can help each other succeed.