The Atomic Four Marine Engine  and  Replacements


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Universal Atomic Four
Info about the Atomic Four
1. History of the Universal Motor Company
2. Sailnet Atomic 4 email list
3. The Atomic4 WWW Board
4. Good Old Boat Atomic 4 Article
5. Atomic 4 article from 48 North
6. Moyer Marine's Atomic Four Community Forum
Every Time Used
1. run blower for five minutes
2. check for fumes from blower exhaust and in bilge---SMELL FOR GAS
3. check oil level
4. check battery/turn on switch
5. look over engine/hoses/wires
6. open seacock/close when leaving boat
7. check fuel level
8. check oil pressure/water temperature
9. check engine area for leaks, condition of alternator belt, stuffing box
Every 40-50 Hours (and at season end)
1. change oil
2. check fluid levels including battery and water pump grease cup
3. check plugs
1. change water pump impeller
2. change plugs Champion RJ12C
3. change filters gas/oil
4. tune-up---I recommend installing electronic ignition (see upgrades)
5. touch up engine paint
6. check clamps and hoses for wear
7. check zincs
1. fresh water cooling-Indigo Electronics This will add considerably to the life of your engine especially in salt water
2. crankcase ventilation kit-Indigo Get rid of that nasty engine smell in the cabin 
3. electric fuel pump-Indigo
4. in-line fuel filter
5. electronic ignition-Indigo or "Ignitor"
6. oil filter system-Indigo
7. Cruising Design propeller
8. Guidelines for Evaluating and Installing Wet Exhausts
    from Good Old Boat Magazine
1. Websites
    Moyer Marine Inc. Parts and Services for the Universal Atomic 4 Engine
    The Care and Feeding of the Universal Atomic 4 Engine
    Captain Ron's Atomic Four page
    Atomic 4 Engine Service Robert Hess' Vancouver based site
2. Service and Repair Manual-Seacraft Publications--(416) 360-6006
    Nautical Mind-Books on Engine Maintenance
3. Westerbeke Marine technical manual and parts list available
4. Moyer Marine Service and Overhaul Manual--(highly recommended)
    (717) 432-0601   $47.00 Moyer Marine Inc.

5. PDF copy of manual found on Captain Ron's Atomic Four page
Click Here to download (you need  free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)
Operation and Maintenance of Your Universal Marine Engine 
7. A-4 transmission service manual New3_n1.gif (2597 bytes)
1. Moyer Marine Inc. (717) 432-0601
2. Torresen Marine
3. Atomic 4 Parts
4. Captain Ron's A4Parts
5. Indigo Electronics- Atomic 4 Parts

6. West Marine Home Page
7.  Defender US Catalog
8. Speedseal   impeller housing cover
9. Old Lyme Marina Parts and service (not currently online)
10. Old Lyme Parts Manual online parts list
11. Servicing the A-4 Water Pump
12. Atomic Four Early Model Parts Pictures
13.Atomic Four Parts Catalogue.pdf
(you need  free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)
14. Good Old Boat link to Torresen Marine Atomic Four online parts catalogue
1. Betamarine  
2. Universal/Westerbeke 
3. Yanmar
Gas versus Diesel ?
1. safety
2. price
3. usage
4. fuel considerations
5. boat age
1. Universal/Westerbeke
2. Yanmar
3. Torresen Yanmar engines
4. Old Lyme Marina Yanmar, Universal, Perkins, Westerbeke, Volvo,   Atomic 4 engines
5. Betamarine  Their smaller diesels will fit on the old Atomic 4 engine beds