Philip L. Rhodes

 You can sail aboard Philip L. Rhodes' America's Cup Winner "Weatherly"
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Philip Rhodes donated his drawings to the  Mystic Seaport Museum .  They are available for purchase from the Ship's Plans Division, telephone # 860-572-5360 or through the mail at Mystic Seaport Museum, P.O.Box 6000, Mystic, CT 06355-0990.  The Vanguard is design No. 749. Other Rhodes designs are also available from this source. The interior plan and sail plan drawings formerly on this web site have been replaced with drawings from Pearson brochures and other sales info and are available from Mystic Seaport Museum.


Drawing Description of Plan Date
  Lines extract VANGUARD 9/8/67
  Vanguard roller jib fitting (sketch) no date
74900 Lines & laying down plan (mylar) 12/26/62; 3/5/63
74900 Lines & laying down plan (tracing paper) 3/5/63
74901 Table of offsets 3/5/63
74902 Structural laying down plan 3/21/63
74903 Sail plan (tracing paper) 3/1/63
74903 Sail Plan (tracing cloth) 4/28/63; 2/12/64
74904 Arrangement plan 5/9/63
74904 Fiberglass sloop VANGUARD arrangement 4/19/63
74905 Block & rigging schedule 3/21/63
74906 Booms 3/16/63
74907 Mainmast sheave & masthead tang details 3/25/63
74908 Main mast 3/22/63
74909 Sail plan 10/15/63
74910 Mizzen mast & boom 6/11/63
74911 Docking plan 10/22/63
74912 Jib boom 2/12/64
74913 Alternate arrangement 3/10/64


Richard Henderson's writings about the Vanguard from "Philip L. Rhodes and His Yacht Designs"

"Perhaps one of the most successful Rhodes fiberglass cruisers is the Vanguard, which was designed in 1962 for Pearson Yachts of Warren, Rhode Island. She looks quite a bit like a larger version of the Ranger, except that her windows are smaller. The smaller windows are preferable not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for extra strength if the boat is taken offshore. The Vanguard's measurements are 32 feet 8 inches by 22 feet 4 inches by 9 feet 3 inches by 4 feet 6 inches. Her layout below is similar to the Ranger's - except, of course, that there is more room and the galley is considerably larger. Also, the main cabin has two extra berths in the form of an extension transom on the port side and a fold-up berth to starboard. An optional arrangement has two quarter berths, a dinette to port, and the galley stretched out along the starboard side of the main cabin.


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Philip Rhodes Sailboat Designs

Other designs by Rhodes

Philip Rhodes was a very prolific  and  versatile designer.  While he designed daysailers such
   as the Bristol 19 and 

   the Penguin,

he also designed large racing/cruising sailboats like Kirawan



and Ayesha



The America's Cup winning Weatherly was one of his most famous designs


Rhodes also was responsible for such famous designs as the O'Day Mariner


and Tempest


and his portfolio included  motorsailors

and power boats, too.


Rhodes drawing board also produced





He even drew a minesweeper for the Navy.