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"The Vanguardian" is a semi-monthly newsletter about the Vanguard published by Brian Krosschell PO Box 655, Whittier, AK 99693 Email bkrosschell "at"

Good Old Boat
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David and Barbara Heilman's "On Location" was featured in DIY boat owner Magazine 
(reprinted with permission)


On Location is currently for sale

"A lovely design coupled with bullet-proof construction make the 32-foot Pearson Vanguard a classic sailboat in the truest sense of the word."

to read the rest of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine review of the Vanguard
(reprinted with permission)
Good Old Boat Magazine
Nov/Dec '04 issue article about the Pearson Vanguard

Pearson Vanguard 32 1966 Sample Survey Report
this site is currently down-email for a copy

Thomas A. Blanchard, Sr.
NY Marine Surveyors
74 Hill Street
Greenwich, New York 12834-1220
Telephone: (518) 935-4133 (NY)  |
(203) 409-3923 (CT)
Fax:  (360) 272-7962
Email: (W)
Web Site:

   Varnish Quiz   
Bill Rogers' quiz reveals your true colors about boat maintenance
The Rigging of a Ship
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We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Les Rogers' Website featuring Vanguard #142
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Steve Lang's Website for #174 "Bay Wolf"
  Sailing Home thru Three Great Lakes  Superior-Huron-Erie 
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at Washington Island, Door County, WI
Hull number 140, "Callisto" was built in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1964. I purchased her in 1986 and am the third owner. She is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the South Shore Yacht Club.  Where does the name Callisto come from?  to read about Callisto in Greek mythology.



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Atomic 4 Engine Service

Robert Hess' Atomic four site, featuring history, parts, rebuilds, and more

 Did You Know? - Nautical definitions and sea facts.

Seafood Watch-Choices for Healthy Oceans

Don't use plastic bags

Sea Turtles Don't Shop

   Don't let go of your balloons!  
"It may be fun to watch a balloon fly away, but once the air runs out, where do you think it might land? Balloons can travel hundreds of miles, winding up in trees, rivers, lakes and even the ocean. That can be pretty dangerous to animals that might get tangled up or even try to eat them. What other types of litter might harm animals?"
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While crossing Lake Michigan, I recently sighted at least six balloons in the middle of the lake.  Think about it and discourage releases of balloons.



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